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" Quality...
prices. "

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Quality, tree ripe fruit and vine ripe veggies at affordable prices is our goal.

Much of our fruit and produce is grown on our own farm.  We have over 3,200
Trees and several Acres of Vegetables.  We begin picking cherries in mid-June and pick fruit almost everyday through October and on into November!!

Just Minutes
from the

  Grand Coulee Dam,
on State Hwy 155.

(509) 633-0133
(509) 633-0810

Open 7 days a week
9am to 6pm

  We Accept both
 WIC and Farmers
 Market Checks



 The Fruit Stand is Open 7 Days a Week from 9am to 6pm

Come see us for the Freshest fruits and produce around !!

 The Pumpkin Patch Is OPEN !!
 Pumpkins - Small, Medium, Jack-O-Lanterns

 New Crop Washington APPLES !!
  Honeycrisp, Fuji, Jonagold, Romes,  Empire, Golden Delicious,
 Red Delicious, McIntosh and More !!
 Winter Squash - Acorn, Hubbard, Butternut,
 Jarrahdale and More!!

 BEANS - 20 varieties, plus steel cut oats, rice, cornmeal and lentils!

 HONEY - Pure, Local raw Honey and Black Strap Molasses, Sorghum and Ribbon cane !  

  Pears - Fresh or for Canning !!

 FRESH Yakima CORN !!

We also have Salad Fixings, BBQ Sauces, Dried Apple or Pear Chips, Dips, Pickled Asparagus & more!
 plus "Fresh Pressed" Apple Cider 

Check out our "Cooks Corner" Recipes, Cookbooks, Ideas "
 We offer a wide assortment of Jams, Aloha Pepper Jellies, Pickled Asparagus, BBQ Sauces and Rubs...  Try our Rothschild grilling Sauce, Market Spice, Barbecue Sauce, C.J. Sauce, WSU BBQ Sauce, Mustards, Horseradish, Pickled Asparagus, Beans, Garlic, Corn, Carrots or Mushrooms. Huckleberry Fudge & lots of Great Huckleberry Products, Plus, Bread Mixes, Soup Mixes, Dry Beans, Rice, Spelt & Emmer Products...  And...  Chuckar Cherries, Candies,
 Pie Fillings, Local Little Bears Honey, Steel Cut Oats, Red & Yukon Creamers, and Much More !!   For a Special treat try Sweet-n-Sour, Wasabi Ginger or Red Pepper Soy Sauce.

Phone orders are accepted.
(509) 633-0133

 Thank you for Visiting our Stand at the
  Grand Coulee
 Saturday Market 
 We will see you there next year! 
  June  thru Mid Sept - from 8:30am to 12:30pm, downtown Grand Coulee 
 We Accept both WIC and Farmers Market Checks 

This page last updated: Thursday October 08, 2015

  We have Planted our orchard so that there is quite a broad selection of different fruits & vegetables with numerous
varieties to choose from.

Peaches   and   Apricots

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Plus we have 6 kinds of
Plums / Prunes, Walnuts,
Hazelnuts, and we feature
26 Varieties of 

Our Fruits & Berries  
are picked tree ripe!
      This extends the window of providing you, our  customers, with the absolute freshest fruit & veggies in the area!! We also farm delicious Raspberries, 10 Varieties of Cherries, 4 different Apricots, well
over a Dozen varieties of Peaches, 3 Pears and two Asian Pears and 5 types of Nectarines.



We do not wax any of our own produced Fruits or Vegetables.

In addition to our own fruits, we carry a wide variety of vegetable that are produced locally.

The Apple trees in full bloom... It is another great crop this year.

The Coffee Pot and popcorn are always on, so take the short drive out to visit

Our Address is:

Shaw's Fruit & Produce
3533a Hwy 155
Coulee Dam, WA

Quick Directions:
From Grand Coulee Dam:

Drive app. 6 miles
Down River (North) on State Hwy 155.

" The Best Fruit Stand by a Dam Site!! "          Easy RV Access !!     shawriverstand1.jpg (27198 bytes)  
    Scenic View of the Columbia River from Hwy 155,  on your way to Shaw's Fruit and Produce Stand!


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"You will easily see us on
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